FAQ: How To Share Tango?

How much does a tango heal?

Heals 7.1875 hp per second.

Why does the tango branch iron?

It doubles the duration of the regen. Eating an iron branch doubles the health you regenerate, just like if you ate a ward. A lot of the time you eat the branch to tank some harass so you can get CS without having to trade HP unfavorably for it. Good for mid where you usually have shared tangos with a 60s CD.

How do you pass Tango in Dota 2?

title says it all! Press the key your Tango is mapped to, then instead of clicking on a tree, click on the character you want to share with.

How can I transfer Dota 2 to another account?

Yes it is possible to transfer gifts (in case you haven’t activated them by mistake). Select “Steam” from the list of games and in bottom grid you should see you Dota 2 gift,select it and click ” Send gift” Select ” Send my gift directly through Steam” and under there select your other account from the friend list.

How do you share a ward?

2 Answers. As of the current patch (7.06f), you just Ctrl + click on the ward, then click on your teammate. You can drop the wards by dragging the wards to any ground and let your partner take it or you can directly drag the wards to your partner.

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How do I give a ward?

Ctrl + Left Click the ward. Then click the hero you want to give it to. If you do it like with a tango, you’ll be placing a ward on the ground. Ctrl + Left Click the ward.

How do you use the iron branch?


  1. The item is used early game for a cheap boost of attributes and it is then made into a. Magic Wand or sold.
  2. Due to how efficient the Iron Branch is gold-wise, it is a good idea, if you have spare inventory slots, to buy as many as you can.
  3. Plant an Iron Branch to create a tree that traps or blocks enemy movement.

How do you eat an iron branch?

you can plant the iron branch and then consume it using tango, by doing so you regenerate more than if you were to consume a regular tree using tango.

What is an ironwood tree Dota 2?

The Ironwood Tree is a Tier 1 neutral item dropped by neutral creeps.

How do you get Mango in Dota 2?

Ability[edit] Consume the mango to instantly restore mana. Hold Control to use Enchanted Mango on an ally. Enchanted Mango has a nearby buffer range, allowing it to be cast on allies within 650 range. Casting outside of this range results in the default 400 range being used instead of the buffer.

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