Question: Namibia Mtc Tango Prepaid?

How do I recharge my MTC Tango?

Yes, customers will be able to recharge via *132#, SMS to 132, IVR call to 132 and *682#. Follow instructions on the MTC recharge vouchers.

How much is MTC Super AWEH?

What is Aweh Super? Free calls to any national numbers for only N$53.00 (Excl 15% VAT). All free units are received as a once-off on migration and valid for 7 days.

How much are MTC data bundles?


Data Bundles with Validity Price (NAD) Total Data
800MB 139.00 2400MB
1.5GB 235.00 4.5GB
3GB 353.00 9GB
15GB 1069.00 45GB

How do I buy MTC bundles?

Dial *682# or send an SMS to 14700 to purchase Data Bundles with Validity. Data Bundles valid for 60 days. Multiple bundles allowed. Terms and Conditions apply.

How do I buy credit from MTC Namibia?

Information about

  1. Enter *131# followed by the send button.
  2. Call 139 and follow the instructions.

What is T49 MTC?

What is T49? Call to any local network for just 38 cents per minute from the first minute during validity period.

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How do I get super AWEH?

Aweh Super: SMS #SuperAweh# to 13400 or dial 13400 and select Aweh Super; Aweh Prime: SMS # Aweh # to 13400 or dial 13400 and select Aweh Prime. Each Aweh subscription will have a 7 day validity and shall expire on day 7, except for Aweh Oka which will expire on day 3.

How do I register for happy hour MTC Namibia?

All you have to do is register for #SuperAweh and you can you will be able to use # HappyHour.

How do you double AWEH?

To enroll again SMS # Aweh # to 13400”. Can I purchase another Aweh when I run out of Free Data when I have already 3 Awehs? No, you will have to wait for 1 Aweh to expire before you can purchase another Aweh again.

How do I send data to MTC?

Customers can access the service by following the following steps: Dial*682#, Select Taamba, Select Taamba Transfer,Enter Number to whom you want to gift; Enter the Amount (Quantity) of MB’s you want to gift: Confirm the transaction by selecting 1 or to cancel 2.

Can I transfer data with MTC?

This service allows you to send a chunk of your available data to another MTC subscriber. It’s a quick and convenient way to stay connected. Customers can only transfer between 2MB and 500 MB per event.

What is MTC streaming data for?

The MTC Streaming Bundle allows you to stream DStv and Showmax on your mobile devices only. Who can use the MTC Streaming Bundle? All active subscribers on the following service plans: • All Prepaid customers, except Netman Time customers. Select, Duet, Mobiz Voice, and SmartShare Voice.

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How much is a pocket WIFI in Namibia?

Mobile Pocket Wi-Fi

Package Mobile Pocket Wi-Fi
Device Mobile Pocket Wi-Fi
Price N$ 999.00
Free Data per month 1GB

How do I subscribe to MTC Internet?

Need to Know To subscribe to a Daily Data Bundle: – Send “DD” (1 day),”DD2″ (2 days) or “WD” (7 days) by SMS to 1188. – Or download the touch self-care app mobile (go to My Services).

How do I transfer data bundles to another number?

Sambaza Internet

  1. Dial *544#
  2. Select Internet Sambaza.
  3. Enter amount of internet data bundles to Sambaza.
  4. Enter the mobile number you want to sambaza.

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