Question: Oceans 13 Tango Song?

What is the song from Ocean’s 12 laser field?

The song ” Thé à la Menthe” (subtitled “The Laser Dance Version” in its instrumental form) appeared in the 2004 American film Ocean’s Twelve in a scene where the thief Nightfox dances in order to evade a series of randomly sweeping laser beams.

Did Catherine Zeta Jones really fall in Ocean’s 12?

Trivia: In the last scene when the everyone meets to play poker Catherine Zeta Jones throws her hands up to celebrate a win and falls out of her chair for real. Trivia: The scene shot in Amsterdam Central Station was actually shot at the Haarlem train station.

Does Danny Ocean Really Die?

How did Danny Ocean die? Fret not Ocean’s fans, because if you think that Danny Ocean is actually dead, then we’ve got some great news for you: he most certainly isn’t. There’s a pivotal scene where his sister, Debbie, visits his grave, which is marked with the year 2018.

Is the hotel in Ocean’s 13 real?

The Bank was a fictional hotel created in Oceans 11 – but nearly became reality. In the movie Ocean’s 13, the main characters rig a brand new hotel and casino so that they are guaranteed to win big payouts when they gamble. The casino in the movie was fictional, and it was filmed in multiple locations in Los Angeles.

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Who turned down Ocean’s 11?

Originally, Brett Ratner was going to direct the remake of Ocean’s Eleven and he wanted Sean Penn to be in it, but eventually, Ratner had to move on to another project, and Soderbergh took over. Wahlberg was originally supposed to play the part of Linus. Bruce Willis turned down a role in the film.

What is rule number 1 in Ocean’s 12?

Danny tells Toulour that he “broke rule number one,” and in Danny’s eyes, if you purposefully break the thieves’ code, you pay.

How much did they steal in Ocean’s 13?

He agrees — he hates Bank, too — but on one condition: Ocean’s team must steal a necklace of diamonds worth $250 million from an impenetrable room on top of the Bank. This will require Linus to seduce Willy’s right-hand woman, Abigail Sponder (Ellen Barkin in a wonderfully comic role).

Why was Catherine Zeta-Jones not in Ocean’s 13?

Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta – Jones did not appear in their respective roles as Tess Ocean and Isabel Lahiri, due to the actresses not wanting to participate in the movie without a significant part in the plot, which the script could not accommodate.

Why is Oceans 11 called 11?

The film derives its name from this group of 11 people: Frank Sinatra as Danny Ocean. Dean Martin as Sam Harmon. Sammy Davis Jr.

Why is Brad Pitt’s character always eating in Ocean’s 11?

And if you’re wondering why Rusty was always eating, according to Rolling Stone: Pitt figured that since the Ocean gang was on such a tight schedule, his character would have to grab fast-food whenever he could. The constant snacking ended up showing Rusty’s unflappability.

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