Quick Answer: Antonio Banderas Tango Movie?

What is the song from Take the Lead Tango scene?

A: “Santa Maria” is NOT the tango song in Take the Lead they are two totally different songs, “Santa Maria” is the tango song from the movie “Shall We Dance”!! (thanks to Kris, Georgia) add more info
Q: What is the very last song played it has some spanish to it?? (from Viktoria in New York)


Is the movie Take the Lead Based on a true story?

“ Take the Lead ” is based on the true story of Pierre Dulaine, a Manhattan dance teacher (played by Banderas) who volunteered his time to teach ballroom dancing to inner-city high-school kids who had been raised on hip-hop.

What is the moral of take the lead?

The movie, Take the Lead, is a motivational film aimed at teens. The message being conveyed in this film is that getting an education is critical to being able to do what a person wants to do in his or her life. Another message is that young people should pursue their dreams. The movie hints that nothing is impossible.

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Is the movie take the lead on Netflix?

Watch Take the Lead on Netflix Today!

What does take the lead mean?

1: to take a position that is ahead of others: go first You take the lead and we’ll follow right behind you. 2: to take the winning position in a race or competition Her car has taken the lead.

Who was the singer for the opening song in take the lead?

Track Listing

Title/Composer Performer
1 I Got Rhythm Lena Horne / Q-Tip
2 Take the Lead (Wanna Ride) Kasseem Dean / Steven Howse / C. Scruggs Bone Thugs-N-Harmony / Wisin & Yandel
3 Feel It William Adams / Stacy Ferguson / Allan Pineda The Black Eyed Peas
4 I Like That (Stop) Jae Millz

Who wins in take the lead?

The reluctant director Augustine James offers the troublemakers that are in detention expecting Pierre to give-up of his intentions. Pierre struggles against the prejudice and ignorance of the students, parents and other teachers, but wins his battle when the group accepts to compete in a ballroom dance contest.

Where was take the lead filmed?

The film was released on April 7, 2006. Although based in New York City, it was filmed in Toronto. Stock footage of various locations in New York City was used.

Can Antonio Banderas dance?

“I don’t think I’m a dancer,” said Antonio Banderas, who plays the film’s suave ballroom instructor. “Making a movie is tough, period,” said Liz Friedlander, who has directed videos for Joss Stone and Blink-182. “Initially everybody said, ‘The dance is gonna be so tricky. There’s so much music to deal with.

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Is take the lead on Amazon Prime?

Watch Take the Lead | Prime Video.

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